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Rock Wren

Rock Wren

Few birds are so appropriately named. It's favorite habitat is rocks in a sunny location such as rocky canyons, talus slopes, rocky buttes, and rock-strewn dry washes. But more than this, it paves the bottom and entrance of its nest with pebbles and stones. A high quality of craftmanship and precision is evident. Some of their nests have "walkways" eight to ten inches long. One nest was found to have over 1500 bits of rock, bone, shell and metal.

This aluminum sculpture is mounted on a natural sage branch with an unbreakable poly-carbon base. The artists attention to detail makes this little beauty come to life. Because Rock Wrens tend to collect rocks for their nest the artist adorned the base with small elegant stones to bring this piece to life. Like all of Daniel's sculptures this is a hand crafted one of a kind original. Purchase includes a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

~Salpinctes obsoletus~

Lifesize Bird:
Length 6" Wingspan 9"

Sculpture Dimensions:

Sold to private collector

Rock Wren

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