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Blue Swallow

The endangered Blue Swallow is feared to be the bird most likely to become extinct next in South Africa. The blue swallow is the rarest of the swallows in southern Africa.

It favours unspoilt, mist-belt grasslands. These areas are characterised by high rainfall, frequent mists, and deep soils. As such, they are ideal for commercial timber plantations. Forests of pine, gum and wattle trees now cover huge areas of former habitat for these birds. The disappearance of the blue swallow's habitat has caused the numbers of birds to decline rapidly.

Blue swallows are rapid and graceful flyers, skimming above the grasslands in search of tiny airborne insects which are captured and swallowed in one movement. They often feed in the company of other swallows. They are active throughout the day, and seem to rest only occasionally when they will perch on the branch of a low shrub or wire strand of a fence.

~Hirundo atrocaerulea~

Average Lifesize Bird:
Length 9" Wing Span 15"

This pieceis sculpted from aluminum and is displayed in flight with one piece wings and tail. It is skillfully painted to give the illusion of feathers. It is suspended from mono-filament line and appears to be flying right through the room.

$ 750.

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Like all of Daniel's sculptures, this is a hand crafted one of a kind original. Purchase includes a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

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