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Blue-headed Coucal

The Blue-headed Coucal is a resident of Africa found closely associated with water, particularly papyrus swamps in the W of the country of Kenya. Also found associated with water in the Central Highlands. It is a relitively shy bird which flies weakly and clumsily to cover if disturbed. It can be difficult to spot because it skulks in dense undergrowth. It is a highly distinctive bird once you do catch a brief glimpse. It is often vocal at night and has a highly distinctive call.

They build a somewhat untidy oval nest with a side entrance from sedges and grasses, lined with green leaves that is concealed in dense growth.

It is carnivorous with a wide variety in its diet... including insects, rodents, birds, snails, amphibians, reptiles (including snakes), eggs and it will also feed on carrion; like other coucals.
~Centropus monachus~

Average Lifesize Bird:
Length 18" Wingspan 22"

This sculpture is crafted from aluminum and is in full flight with one piece wings but with a full compliment of individual tail feathers. The wings are skillfully painted to give the illusion of feathers. It is made to be suspended as if in flight and brings a little bit of the African wilds indoors.

$ 1,650.

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