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Carmine Bee-eater

The Carmine Bee-eater is a resident of Wooded savannas, grassy plains, swamps, lakeshores and mangrove forests from Senegal to Somalia. Southern species breed in Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe, and Botswana. Moves into South Africa after breeding.

They nest in large colonies of 100-1,000 pairs and lay 2-5 eggs at end of a nest burrowed in steep earthen cliffs.

Carmine bee-eaters feed as they fly, sometimes soaring above 300 feet. The northern species ride on the backs of large mammals catching insects flushed into the open. They also fly beside vehicles and herds and are attracted to brushfires, taking advantage of all opportunities to seize escaping insects.
~Merops nubicus~

Average Lifesize Bird:
Length 15" Wingspan 14"

This sculpture is crafted from aluminum ans is in full flight with one piece wings and tail. It is skillfully painted to give the illusion of feathers. For an added touch it has 2 elongated individual tail feathers. It is made to be suspended as if in flight and is a colorful touch to any decor.

$ 750.


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Like all of Daniel's sculptures, this is a hand crafted one of a kind original. Purchase includes a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

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