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Gambel's Quail

The Gambel's Quail is a small mostly ground dwelling bird that inhabits the desert regions of Arizona, California, Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Utah, Texas, and Sonora.

These birds are easily recognized by their top knots and scaly plumage on their undersides. Their comical movement easily captivate the young and old alike.

Its diet consists primarily of plant matter and seeds. Gambel's quail primarily move about by walking, and can move surprisingly fast through brush and undergrowth. They are a non-migratory species and are rarely seen in flight. Any flight is usually short and explosive, with many rapid wingbeats followed by a slow glide to the ground. These birds have relatively short.

Though the adults and immature young congregate into coveys of many birds in the late summer, fall and winter; they are monogamous, and rarely breed in colonies. In the spring, Gambel's quail pair off for mating and become very aggressive toward other pairs.
~Callipepla gambelii~

Average Lifesize Bird:
Length 11" Wingspan 15"

This sculpture is crafted from aluminum and is made to be suspended as if in flight. It has a full set of individual feathers on its wings and tail. It is skillfully painted with acrylic fine art paint to give the illusion of feathers.

$ 1,500.

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