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This is the largest falcon in the world, with a length of up to 25" and a wingspan that regularly exceeds four feet.

It is a bird of the tundra with a circumpolar range. The Gyrfalcon hunts mainly other birds that it overtakes with sudden bursts of speed. It is found with three color phases - Grey, Dark and the White phase.

~falco rusticolus~

Lifesize Bird:
Length 23" Wing Span 58"

This sculpture depicts the Gyrfalcon in its white phase. The bird crafted from aluminum and is shown in flight. It is suspended by forty test monofilament line. It has a full compliment of individual feathers.

$ 5,800.

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Like all of Daniel's sculptures, this is a hand crafted one of a kind original. Purchase includes a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

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