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Scarlet Tufted Malachite

There are 105 species of sunbirds. The Scarlet Tufted Malachite Sunbird is a rare species that is found in a very limited area of the mountain and alpine regions of South East Africa. It is a resident of remote uplands of mount Kenya and mount Kilimanjaro where it gathers nectar from giant lobelias.

It pierces flowers at the base from the outside to obtain the nectar. Sunbird bills have fine serrations at the tip for holding insects. Their tongues are tubular with the tip split into a fork for extracting nectar.

~Nectarinia johnstoni~

Lifesize Bird:
Length 11" x Wing Span 7"

This sculpture is depicted in flight and is suspended by forty test monofilament line. It is crafted from aluminum and painted with acrylic liquetex fine art paint. The vibrant colors and the iridescent glitter make this sunbird a piece that shines. The artist's ability to capture the spirit of his subject in his sculptures truly shows in this little beauty.

$ 550.

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Like all of Daniel's sculptures, this is a handcrafted one of a kind original. Purchase includes a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

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