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Western Tanager

The Western Tanager Breeds in open coniferous and mixed deciduous-coniferous forests from southern most part of the Northwest Territories and southeastern Alaska southward through western states, and eastward to western Manitoba, Black Hills of South Dakota, and western Texas. The Western Tanager breeds farther north than any other member of its mostly tropical family.

They winter in open mountain pine woodlands, second growth, and parks and gardens from central Mexico through Costa Rica. Some individuals winter in southern California Winters

The females differ from a male like this one, the are without the red, are duller yellow, with the back and wings being gray.

The red pigment in the face of the Western Tanager is rhodoxanthin, a pigment rare in birds. It is not manufactured by the bird, as are the pigments used by the other red tanagers. Instead, it must be acquired from the diet, presumably from insects that themselves acquire the pigment from plants.
~Piranga ludoviciana~

Average Lifesize Bird:
Length 7" Wingspan 11"

This sculpture is in full flight with one piece wings and tail. It is crafted from aluminum and skillfully painted to give the illusion of feathers. It is made to be suspended as if in flight and brings the essence and color of nature to life indoors.

$ 550.

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Like all of Daniel's sculptures, this is a hand crafted one of a kind original. Purchase includes a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

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