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White Tailed Hawk

The white-tailed Hawk is a large, long-winged bird that lives in central America and southeast and northern South America. It's only permanent range in the U.S is the southern tip of Texas. It hunts a wide variety of small mammals as well as reptiles.

It has adapted well to many habitats including grasslands, farms, tropical forests, and the desert and coastal regions of Mexico. They are easily identified by their dove gray heads, amber-brown should patches, and of course their pure white tail that is banded with black.

~Buteo albicaudatus~

Lifesize Bird:
Length 23" Wing Span 50"

This sculpture is crafted from aluminum and depicts this bird in flight. It is suspended by forty test monofilament line. This piece has a full compliment of individual wing and tail feathers with highly detailed feet.

$ 7,000.

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Like all of Daniel's sculptures, this is a hand crafted one of a kind original. Purchase includes a letter of authenticity signed by the artist.

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