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The Artist

Daniel McQuestion is a self taught accomplished artist. From a very young age he had two passions of life; to express himself artistically and to explore the world of birds. Inspired by such legends as Audubon, Fuertes and Peterson he ranged the countryside in search of his kindred spirits, birds.

Like any true artist, Daniel felt compelled to create what he loved. His interest in ornithology set him searching for a way to portray life size birds without the bulk of clay or bronze, or the fragility of wood. Daniel set four criteria for such a sculpture. They had to be strong, lightweight, somewhat flexible and permanent.

He tried various materials and combinations there of, until most people who knew him said it couldn't be done and urged him to quit. He refused to give up. Daniel had a vision; he was driven to capture the spirit and essence of birds. He longed to be surrounded with the beauty and magic of the ever elusive world of birds.

Like his art, Daniel himself has an original soul. He does not follow the path well trodden therefore he can see a magic in life that many never get the chance to glimpse. Daniel is not only a self taught ornithologist and an artist, he is also an inventor and a pioneer. When he tried aluminum, it was like discovering Columbus's New World. In his heart he knew that he had found his answer. After years of experimenting he developed a technique that exactly fits the purpose he originally intended.

The Medium

These sculptures are made out of aluminum. Many of the "feathers" are individually hand cut out of .015" thick aluminum; making them lightweight and somewhat flexible. There are eleven to fifteen steps to complete each "feather". Some sculptures can have several hundred of these "feathers".

Daniel insists that each bird is true to the size, shape, and basic color pattern of the species. In twenty-five years of sculpting birds he has never done one that was not life size.

Each piece is a one of a kind original. It can not be cast or reproduced in any way. Though he can create a sculpture that is much like one he has already done, there is no way that he could recreate a piece exactly.

While they look very realistic, they are more importantly - ART. Up close you can see a variety of broad and fine brush strokes as well as washes to give the illusion of "feathers".

Mastering An Art

Daniel has currently sculpted birds representing over 225 species including rare birds such as the Ivory-billed Woodpecker. He has done 33 species of Hummingbirds and completed several sets of hummingbirds of the United States that have been displayed in libraries and museums. His reproduction of hummingbird's iridescent gorgets is amazing.

On the other end of the size spectrum he has created life-size eagles in full flight. Suspended as if in flight from monofilament line, an eagle that is 32" long has a wingspan of 80" and 1" talons, That would definitely be an impressive addition to any living room or entryway. Because of the versatility of this medium, the size, shape, position, and color of any species can be custom designed. There are practically no limitations.

  • Water Resource Education Center ~ Vancouver,Washington

  • Alaska Raptor Center ~ Sitka, Alaska

  • Columbia Gorge NSA Interpretive Center ~ Stevenson, Washington

  • International Art Expo ~ New York, New York

  • High Desert Museum ~ Bend, Oregon

  • World Center for Birds of Prey ~ Boise, Idaho

  • Sedona Sculpture Walk ~ Sedona, Arizona

  • Wild Arts Festival; Audubon Society ~ Portland, Oregon

  • Lewis Clark Museum of Art & History ~ Lewiston, Idaho

  • Art on the Prairie; Wildlife Prairie State Park ~ Peoria, Illinois

  • National Small Works Exhibit; Arts Council ~ Cobbleskill, New York

  • Lankershim Gallery, NOHO District ~ Hollywood, California

  • A.R. Mitchell Museum ~ Trinidad, Colorado

  • Camas Public Library ~ Camas, Washington

  • San Diego Natural History Museum ~ San Diego, California

  • Journeys End National Exhibit, Heritage Museum ~ Astoria, Oregon

  • Museum & Visitor Center~ Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming

  • Tucson Gem & Mineral Society ~ 2009 Annual Show ~ Tucson, Arizona

  • Tucson Audubon ~ Tucson, Arizona

  • Joel D. Valdez Main Library ~ Tucson, Arizona

  • Tucson Sculpture Fest ~ Tucson, Arizona

  • Tucson Gem & Mineral Society ~ 2010 Annual Show ~ Tucson, Arizona

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