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Artistic Services

Daniel is a very versitile, talented artist and offers a variety of services to the public, interior design companies and corporations. Daniel's artwork adapts well to almost any space and his sculptures bring nature and architecture into harmony.

Interior Design

Daniel enjoys working with Interior Design Specialists to create or modify pieces to work within corporate or private spaces. His pieces benifit interior designers because they are space saving and dourable. His wall hung sculptures add depth and color without taking up any floor space or requiring pedistals or tables. His suspended metal sculptures are light weight as well
as damage resistant and provide creative and innovative solutions to vaulted or high ceilings, open floor plans, entranceways, living spaces and almost any area that feels empty within the upper portion of the space. With sculptures on bases ranging from very small all the way up to extravagant, he has the potential to be able to provide the perfect piece for every personality or space.

Daniel has personally installed pieces on location for private people and corporations clear across the country. His delivery fees for the larger pieces are very comparable to actual shipping and handling fees. It gives clients that extra special care and assures that suspended pieces are hung at the right angle.
Lease and/or Purchase Plans

There are many times when a museum, organization, event, historical society, cause or corporation is in need of a temporary or permanent installations. These installations are not always a permanent fixture but rather sometimes a temporary lease. Pieces can be set up on location or shipped for use on location depending upon type of piece, distance and arrangements. Many of his Sculptures, Conventional Paintings and Toile de Lumiers are available for a lease option {short term or long term}. He is also willing to consider commissioned installations with outright purchase or purchase agreements.

As an artist Daniel welcomes requests for commisions and likes the challenge of creating a piece of art that is suited specifically to a client. He gets satisfaction from creating a piece that is tailored to the spirit of another human. He believes in open and unrushed communication and taking the time to discover exactly what the client desires. He finishes the piece and ships in a timely manner and makes the purchase process simple, secure and pleasing.

Daniel's traditional murals, panel murals and room decals can transform any space into a magical place of beauty and nature. They reinvent a room by adding color and wide open spaces.

Traditional murals are painted directly on a prepared wall surface. These are permanent installations that are generally done on a large scale and tailored to the client's desires.

Panel Murals are sets of matching pre-painted masonite panels that are either pre-done artist concepts or commissioned works by clients or Interior Designers. These gemerally come in sets of 3 or 5 and range in sizes from 1 foot by 1 foot panels all the way up to 4 foot by 8 foot panels.

Room Decals are painted on vinyl or masonite panel and cut to shape. They are easily attached to a wall surface by double sided tape or can be attached to metal surfaces using magnetic tape. These are not done as a full painting but rather as an accent piece to bring the theme or feel of a room together.