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What a great show at the
Tucson Convention Center
Sponsored by the Tucson Gem and Mineral Society
    We were showing a life size sculpture of a 11 foot long Deinonychus
in the 2010 Gem & Mineral Show
We had an exciting year,
the Deinonychus was in
the lobby of the
Tucson Convention Center
all through the
Gem and Mineral Show.

We got great feedback from everyone!

Thank you all for coming on down and looking at the great displays.
Straight from the cretaceous era,
this life size sculpture of an intense carnivorous dinosaur on the hunt is sure to send
shivers down your spine.

The kids loved
to have their pictures taken with "spike" the ferocious Deinonychus and it was so fun to
watch people stop and stare.
Ivory-Billed Woodpecker pair    Archaeopteryx   Little Egret
Charles Spiller of the Tucson Citizen also wrote an interesting article on my work. You can check it out on the Tucson Citizens Website.